Sunday, June 26, 2011

My moment

I wanted to pause a moment today. It wasn't a funny nor dramatic moment, nor did a life changing event occur. I was just sitting in my car looking at the side of a building, completely at peace. Nothing bothered me, I thought of no deadlines, nor did I think of work. I didn't think of my crumbling relationship, or my financial status. I thought of nothing but how great it was to be alive. To be alive at this precise moment. To not have a care in the world, but at the same time care for the world immensely. I wish I could always live in this moment. That I could capture this moment in a fragrance, so that every time I feel stressed out I could just spray it and inhale it. Breath the moment anew again. Life is hard, but it's in these moments that make it seem worth while. It's a privilege to be alive. Many don't get the chance. Many waste their opportunities. Many hate, and love suspiciously. Too many are self absorbed with self importance, and many much too many have lost hope. This world is changing and the leaders that turn the wheels of Government have lost touch with society. They involve themselves with numbers and not faces. Statistics, and not individual stories. We the people stand alone because we have forgotten what together feels like. They have replaced our voices with voice boxes, a distant echo of what our voices once sounded like. Spirituality has been replaced with individuality, and our sense of identity is glued together by a repressed fear of who we think we are. We are a nation of lost souls. A moment was needed. Now I know why.