Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Missing my Creative Casa

Lately it seems as if things have not moved fast enough for me. It's been a bit frustrating not to have someone to influence me artistically. I'm missing a guide. My acting is struggling. I've tried to turn to my acting teacher, but he is as available as I have been in my work lately. Lately, not yesterday, hopefully not tomorrow, but now. Before, I used to have someone that pushed me, that made me want to create. I used to think that I was going to change the world, this thought kept me going for a while. I'm overwhelmed by the immenseness of it all. If only people could be less selfish, if only I saw a sign of hope to keep my mission from crumbling. I have decided to create for myself, but for some reason this thought is not as alluring as the former. I want to give to the world, and recently the world has drained me. My speech goes unnoticed, and my connection to the outside world is awkward at best.
I began to write something... A play.
Somewhere along the way I got lost, caught up in realism, minimalism, transformationalism! I hope this play brings me back home.

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