Sunday, February 6, 2011


I don't know what it is about hands lately that has got me so mystified. You can really tell about a man in how they shake hands. A firm handshake is a must in my book. It's a sure sign of a solid individual. A half given handshake is a sign of a dishonest man, or at least one that doesn't trust you fully to give you a proper one. A handshake that comes in from the top instead of straight on is a sure sign of femininity. The handshake that barely grabs fingers, is a tell tell that the person giving this shake is appaled by you or the whole process of shaking hands.
This of course is really all hypotheticals, It's the data I've gathered over the course of time. I've really have not tried to keep track, but recently it has been impossible for me not to notice other peoples hands. The texture, feel, and size of the opposing hand relatively to my own. At times when shaking hands I get disgusted, but most the time I get completly curious about the other person via their hand.

I wonder what this all means.

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breakdancer said...

Yes of course you can. I wanna read it when you're done.