Saturday, February 26, 2011


Recently I've had the pleasure of being hired on as a script supervisor for a pilot. It shoots for six days over the weekends. The hours are kind of rough, 7pm to 7am, but totally worth it. I must say that I have learned more about acting in these last 4 days, than I have in the last six months. It's such an eye opening experience. Ultimately, I believe that acting is not as serious as I thought, and much more fun than expected. I think this is the mind set that I had initialy had about acting, but somewhere along the way, I got lost in objectives, sources, actions, that I forgot to simply be a kid in a sandbox.
Being part of the crew on the other side of things, has really given me not only a fresh new perspective on the whole process. but also a new added confidence. I used to be scared when walking on set. I guess it had to do with meeting everyone's expectations for the shot. I realized that no one, except for the director, cares what you do or how you do it. Everybody has a job that they are concerned about, and are too busy focusing on that task, that the acting becomes secondary to the whole process. So the judgement I've always felt was pretty much all in my head. I'm not so freaking IMPORTANT! And it feels great.

Also, I have realized that I can do this. It's not so hard, or at least it's not as hard as I made it out to be. I can't wait till my next audition.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Joaquin Sabina | 19 dias y 500 noches

Someday I'm going to go to Spain to see this genius perform.

Missing my Creative Casa

Lately it seems as if things have not moved fast enough for me. It's been a bit frustrating not to have someone to influence me artistically. I'm missing a guide. My acting is struggling. I've tried to turn to my acting teacher, but he is as available as I have been in my work lately. Lately, not yesterday, hopefully not tomorrow, but now. Before, I used to have someone that pushed me, that made me want to create. I used to think that I was going to change the world, this thought kept me going for a while. I'm overwhelmed by the immenseness of it all. If only people could be less selfish, if only I saw a sign of hope to keep my mission from crumbling. I have decided to create for myself, but for some reason this thought is not as alluring as the former. I want to give to the world, and recently the world has drained me. My speech goes unnoticed, and my connection to the outside world is awkward at best.
I began to write something... A play.
Somewhere along the way I got lost, caught up in realism, minimalism, transformationalism! I hope this play brings me back home.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


I don't know what it is about hands lately that has got me so mystified. You can really tell about a man in how they shake hands. A firm handshake is a must in my book. It's a sure sign of a solid individual. A half given handshake is a sign of a dishonest man, or at least one that doesn't trust you fully to give you a proper one. A handshake that comes in from the top instead of straight on is a sure sign of femininity. The handshake that barely grabs fingers, is a tell tell that the person giving this shake is appaled by you or the whole process of shaking hands.
This of course is really all hypotheticals, It's the data I've gathered over the course of time. I've really have not tried to keep track, but recently it has been impossible for me not to notice other peoples hands. The texture, feel, and size of the opposing hand relatively to my own. At times when shaking hands I get disgusted, but most the time I get completly curious about the other person via their hand.

I wonder what this all means.