Wednesday, January 26, 2011

stuck in the lost and found

Haven't wrote in a while. Recently I've not had the time for it. Here it goes,

I got a new job. I started as a production assistant for a small production studio. I actually got the job through my sister. I made sure to work hard and be on time every day. My sister was a big part of the company at the time and I didn't want her to loose face on my account. So I busted my ass. My sister was the production coordinator at the time and was also running script supervisor when we were on set. My sister ended up leaving the company because she got offered a job at BBC running their Internet advertisement, or something like that. I'm still unclear of what she actually does, but apart from being exhausted, she is very happy there. Anyway, she left and they offered me her job as script supervisor. It's a much bigger pay rate and I don't have to do random errands or complicated coffee runs. The producer always praised my diligence at script supervising, even at times having the guts to correct the director and slowing him down if he needed to slate a certain take differently. So I feel as like a puzzle piece with a proper place now. Where people appreciate my work. Haven't felt that in a while. Last week the producer asked me if I wanted to do some office work in the morning, and I of course agreed under the condition that if I were to have an audition they would be willing to work with me so that I do not miss it. They agreed. So now like my friend (for whom I have not talked too, but recently was delighted to find her charming words on my page) I too work in an office. I make important calls, file away paper work, and have recently learned how to use excel. I had no clue what I was getting my self into. Lots of time the producer gives me a task and I have no clue how to accomplish it. I sit in my desk and try to figure it out for a few minutes while looking as if I know exactly what I am doing. I google things and get a few ideas. I might even ask the person next to me for a clue or two, then I begin solving the dilemma. I give myself a time frame and take it one step at a time. Once I'm done and figured it out I turn the project in to my producer and closely observe his body language. Projects assigned closer to the morning produce less body language from the producer than the once right after the lunch time. So I take this into account when trying to figure out if I accomplished my task correctly. Most of the time I pass with flying colors. There are a few times when I come home and laugh at what I had actually done at work, or said for that matter. I always feel so awkward in new social settings. Having never worked at a fully staffed office, combined with my natural awkwardness, makes for an amusing result. I wonder what people think of me? Yet, I believe this question is the root of the problem. Is it a problem? Perhaps this post is a bit to harsh on myself, I'm not that weird, am I?

I believe I'm stuck in the lost and found...