Friday, December 24, 2010

Dear God

Dear ten pound just born baby Jesus,

I think I deserve a lump of coal this year, but next year will be better. Thank you for always staying by me even though my faith has drifted in all directions. Thank you for your grace and mercy. If I were to ask for anything this year, I would ask for forgiveness. If I could just have one more shot at it again, I won't waste this turn. I've been reckless with my spirit, please cleanse me from all evil and negative energies that surround my body. Let me learn to cherish all moments spent with loved ones, make the best of things, and never ever to look back, unless it is to help an old friend in need of it. Bless all my loved ones Lord. Thank you for my family, for my friends, and spiritual guides. May you always point me towards the right direction and never let me stray away from my life objective. Lord, give me the courage and fortitude to guide people towards the direction of hope. Help me to leave my insecurities behind me and focus on the future ahead of me. No matter what the obstacles, let me turn to you to get me through it. Please bring this new year a new light. A light of compassion, openness, and oneness with You and the rest of the world. I know I'm not perfect nor will I ever be. I am human, a mere man. A mortal made of flesh and bone. Forgive me if I come short of the mark, but a mark surely I will make. Guide me and help me to make my mark a spark for future generations to come.


Merry Christmas.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

May I Help You

The sounds of drilling just outside my door, combined with the meditative music coming from my computer, should make for an interesting blog. I used to have someone very close to me that left, actually this has happened before. Starting with my father, the cycle seems to never end. I saw a psychic the other day, she told me to come back today. Apparently the reading is over and she could share with me the results. I found it interesting that when I called her this morning she answered the phone with, "May I help you?". In the world of caller ID, this phrase seems to be unnecessary when knowing the person that is calling you. It's a nice way to answer the phone anyway, I just thought it was interesting that's all. I'm a bit nervous for my read. The things she told me when I was there were right on. She even mentioned that in 1990 I had something tragic happen to me. She asked me if I had moved? That was actually the year that me and my family moved from Chile to the U.S. I had forgotten how tragic it was, and how many friends I left behind. I had forgotten the tears I had when waving goodbye to my family from the car window. Over time I guess I adjusted. I think I still carry all these feelings with me, subconsciously at least. So, I'm going to go back to the psychic today and tell you all about it. I'm not supposed to tell anyone, but I figure I can tell you, the anonymous figure that reads these grammatically incorrect and incoherent blogs. Sorry about that.

Oh, I think I lost my point. It was about friends and lost relationships. I think I somewhat covered it...

...I think I took it for granted. Everything. Everyone.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Part one

It's two in the morning and just got home from work. Tired, work was unsettling today. Still serving dinner and drinks to the masses. Now I'm home drinking my nightly doze of theraflu. Not because I feel really sick, but because it will help me go to sleep faster. I'm so wired from all the stress waiting tables produce. The money is good, and I would suggest anyone who wants a good (enough) income to try it. It's a bit demeaning sometimes, but most everybody is really nice.

Anyway this blog isn't really about serving tables, God knows much has been written on the topic. I am reading this book that talks about earth as a living thinking creature. It blows my mind to think that earth could be a bigger version of me. Science tries to explain and predict earth as a timely machine with no soul, and no inner workings of it's own. I don't think I like the scientific perspective. Before weather forecasts, when people wanted rain they danced for it. Now we just sit in front of the TV and expect it. I guess my point is: Where has the magic gone too? The shamans of the past are now replaced by business projectionist. The old prophetic wise men have been replaced by search engines. Where are we and where are we headed?

Chamomile is working on me now. Good night.

to be continued

Friday, December 3, 2010

Go ahead and Dream

Yesterday, fearing coming home early to an angry girlfriend, I took a detour, and it was great. I stopped by borders to see if I can get my latest doze of truth. I grabbed a book in the metaphisical section that delt with personal freedom. I sat down and began to read it. I read it from cover to cover, spend about two and a half hours marveling at the abundance free knowledge I was recieving. The teachings were not of the author, but rather of the Toltec tradition. The ancient warrior of light who fought battles not just in the battlefield, but with themselves. We are brought up to be domesticated animals, and we are taught to dream society's dream. We as humans are always dreaming, even when we are awake. We know we are dreaming when we sleep, but forget that we are dreaming when we are awake because of the linear structure of the world. Once you realize that your whole life is a dream, then you can begin to control your dreams. You choose whether you live in hell or heaven on earth.

If you are interested in the book it's titled