Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Enough is Enough

I am the line that has no shape.
Falling in line behind order,
Soon to emerge as the one to create it.
I am the shape shifter.
I am the madness creeping to get out,
to see the light,
to call the fight.
I am the one who you said no to,
I am the one who will emerge.
The conman has no hope.
I have arrived and let it begin.
I'm here to stay.
Although the journey may be tough,
Let it be with me in the fight,
Let my wings take the flight.
I am Sir Newton's lowly kite

Saturday, August 21, 2010

So I pray and wait and see...

Twilight, I spend half the night awake.
Twilight, I spend half the night I pray.
Twilight, as if to say dawn may never come
Twilight, thirteen nights and so on

The dark spirits that revolve around me may never be realized now thanks to you.
You are my guiding light, you are my guardian angel.
At first I did not believe,
But now my eyes have grown,
My wings have expanded twice the size of me,
I see, I fly.
I speak of things to come and things to see.
I feel whole again.
The spirit lies close and I see the light in the shadow of me.
The closed doors that have been locked for seemingly eternity,
Are now open.
I peek inside to see what I've always dreamed to see
I can be what I've always dreamed to be.
No one can stop me from obtaining thee
Not even my three enemies.
So I pray and wait and see...

Friday, August 20, 2010

I am Julius Caesar

Looking out my window I see a new day approaching. A new dawn begins to emerge as I ponder about my future. I lived a glorious past, I was Julius Caesar. I was a warrior once that emerged an Emperor. I can do it again, I can see it fast approaching. I took it easy today, knowing what is to become of my life. I lived a little less today, knowing how full my life will begin to be. I laid in my bed all day. I have things to do, but I know they will get done. I feel more powerful than ever, and a strange sense of nostalgia has taken over my person. A super high I have never felt, and all I've done is smell three candles. Three handles that hold my destiny, hold my future. Three candles that will open the gates to this cage that has bound me for some time, two years to be exact. I have many enemies who wish for me to remain in my cage, but I fear them no more. It's time to bleed, time to dirty the hands that have remained so clean, time to look at the fear that has held me and destroy it with my teeth. I will emerge, I have before. I went down in history as the best ruler of all of Rome. My past is done now, now what will I do with my future. I have chosen to live again, and I intend to do just that. With faith as little as a mustard seed one can move mountains, and as my faith grows I feel the earth shake from the ground right under me. I will shake this world, and rule it once more as I once did so long long ago.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fifty Nine Deaths from Heartbreak Alone this Year

Fifty nine deaths this year alone from heartbreak. The year is young as young as love is. How easy we forget those we loved. How fast we move along. Zip through the music as if you hadn't heard it. Dance to the tune of your own heart beating, until it breaks. A pause in the step of a step not worth taking. Fifty nine deaths from heartbreak and counting. One by one we all go down, until eventually we find those who are meant to be found. Then what? The independence you once had is completely gone and the stacks of compromised ideals begin to pile up. Then, once you feel you've had enough, it's not so easy to break up. Break up the heart that was one made whole by the person you wish to leave. But you must leave because the world misses you. All this time you were in love, the world kept spinning and moving along. You wake up and realize that this perhaps was a waste of time, but you wouldn't dare think that twice. No regrets. So where to go from here? See, fifty nine deaths from heartbreak alone this year.