Monday, June 29, 2009

optumistic vultures

all your life you are told that you are one thing, when deep inside you know you are much more. The struggle to creep out of your cocoon is so intense that you would rather stay and be eaten by the optimistic vultures. I say for you to push on, be free, become what ideally you could be. These ravenous manipulative dictators will stop at nothing and neither should you.

It's so safe to stay in their perception of you. It's a mold that for once you fit inside. I say Break it!

Be who you truly are

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Charleston Blog

Today was the best day ever. I feel finally for once the work I have put and the sacrifices I have made so far, has taken me to the start of a journey. A journey that I so badly want and have so long for awaited. Today is the start of something new, something great. The man who foresaw my future said that this was gonna be a good month and ironically, on the last day, I now know why. It's not the riches and the financial independence, it is the journey to it. A Ferrari is not going to be the same Ferrari if I buy it with easy money or with earned money, but baby I will get my white Ferrari.

Someday soon love,
My love will be,
The thing to see....

I wouldn't be in the place to be
I wouldn't be with my

..and life is too good.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Just Right

Interesting how weird this feels.

If your writing reflects your inner soul then,
as an old forgotten friend might have wrote,
"Go ahead and write and imagine orgasmic vowels penetrating the particles that make up paper"

"Our insides are gone and replaced by organs", wrote the soul
"Sing and dance if you can feel anything", wrote the rock
"Fly away if you have no wings", wrote the prisoner
"write what you see and you will never forget", wrote the elder
"fight when you've never won", wrote the revolutionary
"move closer when you are scared", wrote the keeper
"close the door when you see the light", wrote the resurrected
"look", wrote the narcissist