Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A boat story

If someone was to ask me where is the least likely place to find drugs, then I would probably say a cruise filled with old people...this apparently was not the case. So, on this boat I made friends with an Argentinian guy who was possibly one of the best people I have met in my life. Anyways, he had brought a lot of weed on the boat, so we spent most of the cruise stoned. He had also brought some shrooms with him, none of which any of us really wanted to do. We really didn't feel like hallusinating and jumping off the boat, or walking through the lobby on our knees looking at the wonderful colors that the carpets made. So, one night, the last night, we decited that if we weren't going to do them then we would have to throw them away (mainly because Chilean customs really give you a hard time). We found out that we really had no place to throw them away without it possibly getting traced back to us, so we got a couple of brownies and decided to eat them. We waited for about a half and hour and nothing happened, so we decided to get stoned. After we got stoned we decided to take a walk and maybe play some ping pong or something. All the while we were walking I noticed that my friend was not doing to well, he wasn't saying much and had an awkward looking face the whole time. We had stared our journey on the 4th floor of the elevator and we didn't make it past the 7th floor when my friend said he had to get off. We got off the 7th floor and made our way to the casino. I thought he wanted to play cards so I just followed behind him. Then I saw his hand slowly make his way to his mouth and he turned around and gave me a, "shit I need help" glare. We finally made it to the casino and so did the insides of his stomach. He threw-up all over the casino. I grabbed my friend and took him to the bathroom. Granted that throwing up on the boat is not an unusual thing, specialy when the boat was moving, as it was that night. After the throw-up scene we made our way downstairs and he appologized and told me that he had to meet up with me later. So, there I was left all alone. I hadn't began to hallusinate yet, but I did feel a bit funny. I made my way through the hallways of the moving boat trying not to make contact with anybody I knew. This then turned out to be a theme for the night. I was like a ninja walking through the boat hidding from any moving object. I had tricked my brain so much that this game I created began not to be as much fun anymore, I was really hiding in terror from everybody. I went to the game room and started to play pictionary by myself. After I found this to be fruitless I grabbed some literature and went to the kids corner, where the colorful rugs and the plushy pillows kept me entertained for hours. After, I decided that enough was enough, and I had to go to sleep. I walked into my room and woke up mother in the process. My lightning thinking prompted me to tell her that I had felt a bit sea sick so I was going to stay inside the bathroom until it went away. I told her not to worry, that I was going to be there for a long time. I went inside what would become my white dungeon. It was very bright inside and so I escaped to the shower, where I took my Obama Time Magazine, closed the shower curtain, and spent the night underneath the trickling faucet.