Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Drunken Ramble

Here goes another rant and ramble about seemingly nothing. As if all I write is meaningless to those who see it. The few who hear it are the ones that are probably just as insane as I pretend to be. Everything is an illusion. Like a mad magician conjuring up a spell to take over the world. As if the world was for the taking. Live like the natives who lived off the land, not like the Europeans who lived and still lives on the land. Fight the power and be strong, hold steadfast to your belief, and you will soon see the battle. War is imminent and peace is distant. Everyone has their own views on everything. Agree and disagree endlessly. The point of the matter is that the fact only points to nothing, for nothing is factual. That is a fact, that nothing is certain. Everything is based on opinion. Experts are only so because of money. They have bought their way and now claim to know, when in fact know just as much. What prevents me and you from knowing nothing? Know nothing and you will be in better shape than knowing everything. Everything must come to an end. Time is limited, but yet imminent. Matter moves and so must you.

Goodbye for now,